Current Volume

The Journal is currently publishing Volume 24. Check in periodically for updates on the latest issue. Previous volumes are available through LexisWestlaw, and Heinonline.



• John Kip Cornwell, Sex Offender Residency Restrictions: Government Regulation of Public Health, Safety, and Morality
• Shaakirrah R. Sander, Uncapping Comensation in the Gore Punitive Damage Analysis
• Christopher R. Green, Incorporation, Total Incorporation, and Nothing but Incorporation?
• Carrie E. Garrow, Habeas Corpus Petitions in Federal and Tribal Courts: A Search for Individualized Justice
• Carlton F. W. Larson, “Shouting ‘Fire’ in a Theater”: The Life and Times of Constitutional Law’s Most Enduring Analogy
• Susanne Cordner, Adjusting the Benefits and Burdens of Economic Life for the Public Good: The ACA’s Medical Loss Ratio as a Constitutional Regulation of Health Insurance Companies
• Abigail M. Pierce, #Tweeting for Terrorism: First Amendment Implications in Using Proterrorist Tweets to Convict Under the Material Support Statute