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The Journal is currently publishing Volume 22. Check in periodically for updates on the latest issue. Previous volumes are available through LexisWestlaw, and Heinonline.

VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1 - October 2013


  • John F. Preis, In Defense of Implied Injunctive Relief in Constitutional Cases
  • John P. Gross, What Matters More: A Day in Jail or a Criminal Conviction?
  • Scott W. Howe, The Eighth Amendment as a Warrant Against Undeserved Punishment
  • Nat Stern, Secondary Speech and the Protective Approach to Interpretive Dualities in the Roberts Court
  • Mark Strasser, Innocents Beware: On Religion Clause Jurisprudence and the Negligent Retention or Hiring of Clergy


  • Brett Piersma, Election Evidence: The Promises and Realities of California’s Citizens Commission
  • Paul Wolfgramm, Jr., Power and Responsibility: Fourth Amendment Limits on the Use of Molecular Scanners

VOLUME 22, ISSUE 2 – December 2013

SYMPOSIUM: Professor Charles H. Koch, Jr. Memorial Symposium on Administrative Law

  • Davison M. Douglas, Remembering Our Friend and Colleague, Professor Charles Koch (1944-2012)
  • Paul R. Verkuil, Remarks on Charles H. Koch, Jr.
  • John F. Duffy, Jury Review of Administrative Action
  • William Funk, Deadly Drones, Due Process, and the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Michael J. Gerhardt, On Candor, Free Enterprise Fund, and the Theory of the Unitary Executive
  • Michael Herz, “Data, Views, or Arguments”: A Rumination
  • William S. Jordan, III, Charles Koch, Jr.–The Casebook and the Scholarship
  • Ronald M. Levin, Administrative Judges and Agency Policy Development: The Koch Way
  • Richard Murphy, The Should Be First–Flip the Order of the Chevron Two-Step
  • Sidney Shapiro & Elizabeth Fisher, Chevron and the Legitimacy of “Expert” Public Administration
  • Peter L. Strauss, Private Standards Organizations and Public Law
  • Paul R. Verkuil, An Essay on Due Process and the Endowment Effect
  • Russell L. Weaver, Administrative Searches, Technology and Personal Privacy


  • Adam M. Gershowitz, Seizing a Cell Phone Incident to Arrest: Data Extraction Devices, Faraday Bags, or Aluminum Foil as a Solution to the Warrantless Cell Phone Search Problem


  • William Rose, Calming Unsettled Waters: A Proposal for Navigating the Tenuous Power Divide Between the Federal Courts and the USPTO Under the America Invents Act

VOLUME 22 ISSUE 3 – March 2014


  • Alberto R. Gonzales, In Search of Justice: An Examination of the Appointments of John G.Roberts and Samuel A. Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court and Their Impact on American Jurisprudence
  • Richard L. Hasen, Shelby County and the Illusion of Minimalism
  • Anthony Michael Kreis, Marriage Equality in State and Nation
  • Renee Lettow Lerner, The Failure of Originalism in Preserving Constitutional Rights to Civil Jury Trial
  • Lawrence Rosenthal, Binary Searches and the Central Meaning of the Fourth Amendment


  • Carolyn R. Cody, Professional Licenses and Substantive Due Process: Can States Compel Physicians to Provide Their Services?
  • M. Elizabeth Petty, Rauschenberg, Royalties, and Artists’ Rights: Potential Droit de Suite Legislation in the United States

VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4 – May 2013

Information forthcoming.