Current Volume

Volume 32 (2023-2024)

Issue 1


Twilight-Zone Originalism: The Peculiar Reasoning and Unfortunate Consequences of New York State Pistol & Rifle Association v. Bruen
Albert W. Alschuler

Dobbs‘ Sex Equality Troubles
Marc Spindelman

Revisiting Rights-Talk in Magna Carta: Applying Hohfeld to the Problem
Jason Taliadoros

The Evolution of Sodomy Decriminalization Jurisprudence in Transnational and Comparative Constitutional Perspective
Ayodeji Kamau Perrin

Issue 2

Symposium: Constitutional Issues Within Educational Spaces

The Unfinished Business of Desegregation: Race Conscious College Admissions
Wendy B. Scott

The Illusion of Due Process in School Discipline
Diana Newmark

Pathways to Liberty: What Colonial, Antebellum, and Postbellum Education Can Teach Us About Today
Danielle Wingfield


Unleashing the Guarantee Clause Against the Spirit of Innovation
Ricardo N. Cordova


Historians Wear Robes Now? Applying the History and Tradition Standard: A Practical Guide for Lower Courts
Alexandra Michalak

Remedying the Insular Cases: Providing Tribal Sovereignty to Unincorporated Territories to Ensure Constitutional Rights to All U.S. Nationals and Citizens
Allison Ripple

“There’s a New Sheriff in Town”: Why Granting Qualified Immunity to Local Officials Acting Outside Their Authority Erodes Constitutional Rights and Further Deteriorates the Doctrine
Josephine McGuire

On Inmates and Friendship
Jared Deeds

Issue 3


The Private Abridgment of Free Speech
Erin L. Miller

Harmonizing Freedom of Speech and Free Exercise of Religion
John Fee

Eavesdropping, the Fourth Amendment, and the Common Law (of Eavesdropping)
Donald A. Dripps

Tax-Funded Education Savings Account Payments to Religious Schools Violate State Constitution Compulsion Guarantees: The Iowa Example
Allan Walker Vestal

Appendix B – Tax Funds for Religious Schools
Allan Walker Vestal


Fourteen Going on Forty: Challenging Sex Offender Registration for Juveniles Under the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause
Emily Baker

Originalism v. Originalism: How James Madison’s Understanding of the Establishment Clause Can Help Combat Christian Nationalism
Patrick Sawyer

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